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We are a London UK based charity with a mission to help build a fair society for Black, Asian, and ethnic minority communities.

This charity has been set up by Edwin Danso, who has previously worked for The Labour Party as a Digital Community Organiser dedicated to the Southeast of England and Treasure for the BAME staff network.

We are currently focusing on a campaign to bring greater awareness to the Slavery Abolition Act that was passed in 1833. This law is one of the greatest achievements in the history of British politics but is not merited as a day of significance in the UK calendar.

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The Slavery Abolition Act known as Emancipation day is celebrated on August 1st in Jamaica, Barbados, and Trinidad & Tobago which have all gained their independence from past British colonial rule.

With the rise of the international Black Lives Matter movement, we believe there needs to be a national focus on the untold stories that have enabled liberty for millions of Africans who were held in bondage in British and American colonies. Our foundation will also allow people to document the direct abuse and microaggressions they experience in the workplace and socially, our aim is to provide the government with real time information on areas and locations that need investment in diversity and equality training.
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